Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey people!

Does it ever happened to you, being with a friend in his car and the car doesn't want to restart. Well It happened to me, downtown Montreal for the 3rd time today! The worse of it is it's the same guy! I seriously think that someone cast a curse on this car.

Even weirder, dude was about to blow his fuse when a cop came knocking as his window. He thought he was getting a ticket or worse, busted. The cop actually give him a boost!!! NO WAY! Yeah, for real! And check this, one block later he needed another boost and the same cop gave him a second boost. We came home right on time cause the car died...AGAIN.

Aside that, business was good and I'm anxious for my shoot this coming Thursday with Photographer Michael Andrews. You can see his portfolio here: .

take care people and BE GOOD :)


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