Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Earing,underwear and stuff

Hi all!

So, how was your day? Well, I was pretty busy! We just finished the promo clip for my up-coming artistic nude photography book. It's really cool, I loved it. ... I'll put the link later on I promise.I am anxious for you people to give me feedback about it !

Curious question...Am I the only person on earth, collecting singles earrings because I always lose half of a pair. I swear to god, I mustn't have far from twenty different model sleeping in my jewelry box! What a useless collection! I seem to like collecting dysfunctional pens and broken things.

I heard some weird stories about girls selling their unclean underwear on Ebay. NO WAY! And you know the worse of it? They made FORTUNE with it. I took a look in my panties jar and really I don't know if maybe I should give it a try. But unclean? Like scratch and sniff?... don't know about that. All I can say about this, is it's a weird kind of fetish.
Would you do that? I'm curious about your answers. please let me know at Stay tune, maybe you'll have the opportunity to place a bet on my panties!

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Talk to ya later!

Be good!
much luv


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