Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Boring day

Hey all!

Today is a boring day for me. I feel between okay and blah. I had the chance to try on my new spandex pants! AND I TOTALLY LOVE THEM! ROCK ON SPANDEX!!! Talking about spandex, it makes me think about concerts. I heard about Disturbed coming in Montreal next month. I hope there still tickets available. Disturbed rock! Especially the Phil Collins cover song they did -Land of Confusion- Simply amazing to my opinion.

Yeah - Edgefest is coming in Toronto this coming June. with like 3 freaking AMAZING BANDS TO DIE FOR -Billy Talent, AFI and fuck*ng ALEXISONFIRE!! SNIIIIFFFFF... I think I ll have no chances since Im pretty sure I ll be away in California for a photoshoot. THIS LIFE IS TOO DAMN CRUEL!!!!!!!

On the other hand, its probably too bad for them. They will not have the chance to get a piece of my underwear. But its okay. It will save me from a blackeye (long story about throwing a bra on stage at a Papa Roach concert) By the way, Im still waiting for him to comeback in Montreal for a show cause I have the other piece of my underwear waiting for him (like this he will get the full emsemble) hehe!

Well, I think this is it for now people. I really recommend you spandex pants. Really soft, comfortable and sexy. Youll make a splendid presence in public. Especially if you choose them in flash pink. If you do so, keep me informed about how you feel.

Until next time be good :)


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