Thursday, April 23, 2009

Asshole Day

Hi all!

Today was an asshole day at work. Everybody was on their pissed off mood. Even the homeless people were bossy. Some of them screamed after me because they were wrong about their arguments. I heard the unpleasant words 'Go f*ck yourself' more than once today. I'd guess the old man didn't assume his own identity. Oh well, too bad for him. But still... There was also this weird man in the metro this morning. He was turning the newspaper pages like if he was tearing it. He looked several times toward me and just got off the metro a few stations after. He seemed really weird. Almost paranoid. I'd guess the closest thing he has to a woman it's probably the cracks of his sofa. pfff.... whatever.
Today wasn't a really lucky for me neither. I was forgetful and clumsy like hell. once again.

Still in the metro station, an unwise man fell asleep in the metro. Arriving at the next station, the breaks was applied dramatically hard, so the man fell off his bench and roll on the ground. Oh poor man I hear you say. NO WAY!! The old f*ck rolled his ass on the ground and finally woke up on his knees. You know the worse of it? He got up, returned sit at his place, AND FELL ASLEEP AGAIN. too bad for him, cause he missed his stop. Some people just never learn!

The Spandex/Fetish shoot went marvelously well. We did wonderful pictures. I am anxious to have them on my profiles. Don't worry people, I'll send you the link!

Well that's it for now, I'll talk to you tomorrow

Good night!


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