Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anti panties day pffff.........

Hey people!

This morning was horrible! First of all, my alarm clock didn't ring at all, so I woke up at 7h00 and I usually start work at 6h30. So I rushed myself in trying to put on my jeans while brushing my teeth. I powdered my face of foundation in a single powder puff twist. I left the apartment with my pajama top with a hoodie over it. Sexy? NEH.
I was so in a hurry I forgot to put on panties. It feels weird being a little flower naked in my jeans. So today, underwear were nonexistent on me. I caught the metro right on time, and someone crushed me (rush time at 7h20 , so A LOT OF PEOPLE))A guy accidentally crushed my purse and made the little cream container (the one you put on your coffee at the restaurant) blow EVERYWHERE on my things. So gross. Luckily for me it didn't smell. Oh yeah, and I also lost my favorite pin.

Aside that I worked on my electronic portfolio all day and we've received friends over for dinner. Now I haft to go prepare myself for a photoshoot tomorrow.

That's it for now and ttyl!


Be nice!

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